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The Latest Resources on the Link between Abortion and Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer: Risks and Prevention, Third Edition (Online Booklet)

This booklet is written to help women understand what their risk factors are for the development of breast cancer and how they can reduce their risk.

Sometimes women are made to feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to their risk of developing breast cancer. After all, they cannot change the fact that they are women, are getting older, and have already inherited a certain set of genes from their parents. These are well-established risks for breast cancer. However, there are factors you can control to minimize your risk, including the amount of estrogen to which you are exposed and your reproductive history. Even if you have inherited either of the BRCA genes, which are well known to increase the risk of cancer, you can control other aspects of your life to decrease your risk.

In order to understand and control your risk factors for breast cancer, you must first understand how risk is expressed in numbers, how exposure to estrogen relates to most known risk factors, and how the maturity of breast lobules from Type 1 & 2 to Type 3 & 4 lobules decreases the risk of breast cancer. This booklet will also inform you about risk reduction strategies.

The Breast Cancer: Risks and Prevention, Third Edition is available to read on line and will be available for purchase as of October 1, 2005.

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A Woman's Right to Know

There are 39 studies worldwide that link abortion to an increased risk of breast cancer. Thirty three report risk elevations, 17 of these studies are statistically significant, 16 of which demonstrate a positive association.
Are women being informed? What is the medical evidence? What are the implications for informed consent?

This 18-page document outlines the worldwide studies and quotes the most significant published data showing that abortion leads to a greater incidence in breast cancer.

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Stop the Cover-Up Cards

Cards can be purchased by:

a) Mailing in an order form to: Right to Life Toronto, 120 Eglinton Ave, East, Suite 700, Toronto ON, M2J 1A7

b) Faxing in your order form to 416-483-7052

c) Calling in your order to the Toronto Right to Life Office at 416-483-7869

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Abortion Breast Cancer Link Video

Brita Stream, Miss Oregon of the 2002 Miss America Pageant, introduces three young women whose live were forever changed after they developed breast cancer following their abortions.

In this video, you will hear their stories and the convincing scientific evidence presented by two acknowledged world experts on the Abortion Breast Cancer Link: Dr. Joel Brind, PhD, Professor of Human Biology and Endocrinology, and Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, MC FACS, Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

The information on this video will empower women to make informed choices For themselves and their children. Women who are at increased risk for breast Cancer after an abortion will learn about life saving screening mammograms which can increase survival if breast cancer should develop.

The ABC Link video is available in both VHS and DVD format at a cost of $30.00 per video or $25 each for 3 or more.

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